Bicycle Trailer

PSM partnered with an entrepreneur from Green Bay that had an interesting product that he needed help with. PSM heard about the need on local radio and contacted the inventor to express that PSM could offer some help. The concept is very interesting and could really help the mobile biking transportation community.

The process started about a year and a half ago and PSM has helped Brian from Rollout Trailers (Brouhaha) with his design. PSM ultimately built three more demos for him to demonstrate to the public.

Brouhaha® Bicycle Trailer

The Brouhaha Bicycle Trailer is a zero towing force trailer for your bike. Its electric motor goes when you go and brakes when you brake, resulting in virtually no extra effort on the part of the cyclist. Best of all, it can be modified to fit nearly any need. If you can haul it with your car, you can tow it with your bike and the Brouhaha.

  • Effortless towing
  • Bigger loads
  • Endless applications

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